Live Phree / Be Phree is the mantra Phree lives by. When it comes to this young LA born artist Phree has no restraints. He stepped on the art scene in 2011 creating “What’s a dollar cost” for ‘Spike Lee’ ,but it wasn’t until the selling of painting ‘King Jungle’ to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith that Phree took his art career to a new height. Phree is known for his unique artistic eye that goes against all social norms. By combining two of the strongest art forms, Painting and Fashion; Phree incorporates juxtaposed elements on canvas, hats, jackets, shoes and even furniture.

Phree is more than an artist, he utilizes his platform to create unforgettable experiences such as that at his most recent  NYFW 18’ take over where he presented his work in the form of a flash mob that captured eyes of over 1,000 people and turned Times Square and Brooklyn Museum turning it into a runway. Phree’s main goal is to share his gifts with the world, and be a creative inspiration by telling his story through Art and Fashion. To Inquiry about renting or purchase art please email